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Machines and working with machines

They actually DO blue waffle xafs things made like this as hand crafted. and they are still very expensive! These machines used to just do a really good roughout but 10 yrs on.theyre making finished products! They may have artisans airbrushing & painting...hand making clothes..then call it hand crafted. With no mention of cnc anywhere...unless you actually ask them the process. I don't think doing a dry run would have helped with identifying the crash before it happened. However, there were quite a lot of parametric errors that should be avoided, esp when it came to the tool plunge. It would have been better to plunge the tool outside the workpiece or to do a helical plunge when boring out the hole. We had a turret press where the tool was .020 above the sheet with .125 high extrusions. The engineer forgot to put in M681 I think to raise the ram up it shoved the plate into the tool busted the punch and broke the clamp. would of been ok if you wee doing say a part twice that big in diameter might of cleared it. remember kids always fully retract your tools, unless you like making scrap metal.  single block, are you fuckin retarded? Why would he use single block if he was gonna spam go-button anyway? That machine was not on single block and you are the clown. The guy in the video is probably a student anyway. because its easier to index the bed as apposed to the machine spinde as the bed doesnt have to turn, there are however 5 axis machines that have spindles that move not only on the X Y Z axis but also an A B axis. And its actually a  CNC mill. hope that helps I use common call blocks. like at the end of all that you rts then call home possition wich uses a z rapid to index possition then move to xy safe possition. makes redundent things like SAFE operation common sense.  Completely stupid question maybe, as I',m not a CNC-driller myself (and have little knowledge of those things) Why is in most professional machines, the piece moving, instead of the tool? Is that an accuracy-issue, or to cancel vibrations from the tool and to cancel the gyroscopic effect when moving a high-speed turning tool? I use Del-cam Powermill daily I have seen this problem happen at the linkage at the end of a program occasionally, the solution is to be sure you have gouge check enabled in the leads and links menu, I am sure other programs would have something similar. I made a macro that sets all my preferences autocratically one item is gouge check turned on, on all tabs. what type of machine is that? Plus i dont know how old this video but you are running that endmill way to slow for that material. If that is a carbide endmill you can run it 2 times faster then that on the inside part and 3 times as fast on the out cause you are only using about 30% of the tool besides that for just starting out that is a pretty good program.

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