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interstitial Cystitis

interstitial Cystitis
In practical terms, the definition of urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection - UTI) and necessity of treatment Interstitial Cystitis patient depends on various clinical conditions. The goal of treatment is to control symptoms and prevent complications and relapse but also reduce the administration of antibiotics. Urinary tract infections are the most common Interstitial Cystitis infectious diseases with significant financial impact on the economy of the state.

In the U.S., due to urinary infections Interstitial Cystitis doctor told the 7 million people a year, of which 2 million for cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). Of the total number of prescription of antibiotics in the U.S., 15% were prescribed for urinary tract infections, with the annual cost of about $ 1 billion.

Urinary tract infections are very common and Interstitial Cystitis repeated in large numbers. May be latent (asymptomatic bacteriuria) or appear in symptoms limited to the lower urinary tract (cystitis) or a serious illness with a fever and lumbar pain when it is assumed, but not always proven, inflammation of the kidneys (acute pyelonephritis). Rarely occur Interstitial Cystitis local septic reactions or even fatal, endotoxemia, which is almost always followed by an obstruction or disturbance immunity host (immunosuppression, diabetes).

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